Roku Hacks: How to Jailbreak Roku Unlocked Streaming

How to Jailbreak Roku Unlocked Streaming

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How to Jailbreak Roku Unlocked Streaming

Roku hacks can be hard to come by, but once you learn how to jailbreak Roku you’ll have access to the fully unlocked streaming experience desired by so many. This includes, but is not limited to installing Kodi on Roku as well as jailbreaking a Roku TV

A fully unlocked streaming experience enables those who leverage Roku TV hacks to view new release movies, shows, and “cut the cord” levels of TV channels. 

Sure, Roku has Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney plus, and all the other mainstream apps we all know and trust… but, what about the lesser-known Roku stick hacks that boast all the insane benefits everybody is after? 

Update: Many Roku owners now use Plex or KODI by using an Internet browser on Roku for enhanced movie streaming.

We’ll be covering the Roku hacks that allow you to install Kodi on Roku successfully; allowing a streaming experience desired by so many.

Update (just get a Firestick already):
I personally use the FireStick now rather than Roku, it was too good to pass up. Now they have 4K sticks and even the cube.

Be sure to use any Roku Hacks/personal streaming service for movies you already own or IPTV with legal channels only.

We’ll also deep dive into the best alternatives for those who want to jailbreak Kodi on Roku without screen mirroring (this includes Roku express).

So is Kodi natively installed on Roku? No, and neither is it available in the official Roku ChannelStore. For this reason, you’ll have to deploy some third party measures to ensure hacks on your Roku are accessible.

Roku hacks in this post include, but are not limited to:

  • Jailbreaking Roku
  • Installing Kodi on Roku
  • IPTV channels or “cutting the cord”
  • Personal streaming services: fully unlocked
  • Classic gaming, emulators & ROMs
  • Changing the look of your home screen, screen saver, automatic sound leveling, and more.

Did you know Roku even includes a lesser-known app (I won’t spoil this yet) similar to Kodi with more benefits and fewer complications?

Update: Many Roku owners now use Plex and KODI via Roku Browser for an enhanced, unique movie streaming experience.

Photo of Roku hack research conversation

We’ll be covering this “lesser-known” app and much more for the best Roku hacks available! We’ll also cover how to hack the Roku 2, 3, 4, and later models in addition to Roku sticks and Roku Ultra.

Short on time?
If you’re short on time… you can skip this guide and see How to watch any movie or show that exists in less than 10 minutes

Table Of Contents

Best Roku tricks and hacks: How to jailbreak Roku

3 ways to watch free movies online still in theaters no downloads

Roku users can rival popular jailbroken capable streaming devices (ex. Firestick) by closely following the Roku hacks in this post.

Be sure to use any Roku Hacks for movies you already own or IPTV with legal channels only.

Sure, there are limits when learning how to jailbreak Roku, however It should be pleasing to hear that which model Roku you use won’t matter. This included the Roku 3, Roku 4 or Roku Ultra. 

Also see: How to Access the Roku Secret Menu

There are many flexible methods and alternatives that will unlock the Kodi style streaming we all know and love.

…just be sure to have your Roku fully updated before continuing reading. 

You’ll probably have a much-needed update waiting for you if you have an older Roku. You can update by locating settings and checking for updates.

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Can you Jailbreak a Roku?

Install Kodi on Roku hacks tip number 1 fact -jailbreaking roku tip

Our tech team gets asked frequently“Can you jailbreak Roku?” Yes, You can Jailbreak a Roku. First, the operating system is not open, so the process is different compared to jailbreaking a device such as the iPhone. Instead of downloading an app like Kodi directly on the device, you can mirror this to your Roku via a Roku internet browser.

This type of jailbreaking is completely legal and screen casting is supported by Roku as well as the other Roku jailbreak methods mentioned further in this post.

Roku TV hacks depend on how loosely you define the term jailbreaking; some claim screen mirroring Kodi on a device from a computer is the same as “jailbreaking Roku”.

These Roku hacks do not require a special app to jailbreak (like Cydia on iPhone does), but rather leverages improved methods that are much more safe and efficient. 

The best part? There is no side-loading occurring with these methods, nor does sideloading exist for Roku.

With these little known Roku hacks you’ll be able to unlock streaming options such as any movie or TV show, release any channel with an custom IPTV set up or hack your Roku to play classic games and roms.

Roku hack benefit #1

Get any movie or TV that exists by utilizing a personal streaming service or by installing Kodi.

Personal streaming service on Roku

Roku hack 1 best jailbreak on roku

A personal streaming service is hands down the best way to jailbreak a Roku. My readers are shocked when they hear me say that it’s better than Kodi on Roku.

Let me explain why a personal streaming service will beat Kodi out every time.

Is it better than Kodi?

Kodi is very useful, but many aren’t aware that a personal streaming service is available to Roku users through an app you already have on Roku (no crazy side-loading or difficult instructions). 

This provides just as many benefits as Kodi, if not more all while making it much easier to install. (10 minutes to less when done right)

It’s the most simple alternative for Roku users and uses a streaming app that is already on your device and won’t require jailbreaking your Roku. … and you’ll still get all the same benefits as if you installed Kodi on Roku (and some).

an example of the best hack on Roku tips and tricks
Roku hacks: Personal streaming service (A Better Kodi Alternative for Roku)

This is essentially your own “personal jailbroken Netflix”, only it can get everything you can think of on it. 

See our post: The 17 Best tablets for Netflix

This can be set up in 10 minutes or less on your Roku by following these personal streaming service instructions

Pro tip: This Roku hack was not always so user friendly in the past. So, we’ve created easy to follow instructions that anyone can follow to get a personal streaming service set up quickly and without any tech knowledge. (see the above linked guide)

Jailbreak for Kodi on Roku

Kodi was the poster boy app of streaming hacks before a personal streaming service was introduced. We’ll be going over all the ways possible to install Kodi on Roku.

Now, I’ve used Kodi in the past and personally wasn’t phased by the complexity of it; especially when I was being pampered by the simplicity of personal streaming service. \

However, Kodi sure does has its benefits that match a personal streaming service; allowing outside the box movies and shows as well as new releases by supporting nearly any video format. 

I’ll be going into detail on all the possible ways to hack your Roku and access Kodi since it’s not available as a native app nor supported in the Roku Channel Store.

The main con to putting Kodi on Roku is that the quality of stream can be much slower when compared to a personal streaming service on. Not to mention Kodi is a world more difficult to set up on Roku as mentioned previously. If you’re using Kodi or another app and it’s loading slow, see our post on Why your Roku TV is so slow and how to fix it.

Roku Hack benefit #2

Roku hack 2

Get any channel, including any sports channel, all premium channels, international channels, and much more. These are channels you just can’t get elsewhere. 

Be sure to use any Roku Hacks/personal streaming service for movies you already own or IPTV with legal channels only.

Out of all the Roku 2, Roku 3, & Roku Ultra hacks… Most consider Jailbroke IPTV to be one of the absolute best for unnlocked streaming.

As of 2023, Many IPTV services have copyright infringement material and are to be avoided. This is why people use VPNs and I advise against this type of behavior.

  • Custom IPTV: We’re all aware of the mainstream IPTV methods, such as YouTube live, Hulu plus, and many others. But, did you know there are ways to utilize a Custom IPTV channels on your Roku? We’ll show you how you can install a custom app that allows connections to tailored IPTV channels; allowing you to slap almost any channel that exists on your Roku.

Roku Hack benefit #3

Image of Roku hack 3 jailbreak for games on roku

By utilizing the Roku’s hacks in this article you’ll be able to jailbreak Roku and play classic games in rom form just like the old days. (even NES)

  • Classic Emulators: How many of us just love those old classic game emulators and Roms? Did you know there’s even Gamecube and Ps2 Roms out there now?

Out of all these hacks that we’re about to dive deeper on… the personal streaming service is a true fan favorite and is advised as a Kodi alternative since it’s already built into your Roku.

Roku Hack Disadvantages

The only true disadvantages of hacking your Roku via Plex or KODI is that there could be movies or shows that have copyright infringement. This is not legal and should not be done. If you suspect this be sure to contact us and we will validate and add the server to our lists of Roku hack disadvantages.

Another disadvantage of Roku hacks is that certain IPTV channels depend on your internet working. If your Internet does not work or it has issues connecting, then you may not want to use these Roku hacks.

This appears to happen when you’re using Xfinity on Roku, the internet may not work properly and the linked post can show you how to make Xfinity work and reduce lag, delays, and even throttling on Xfinity.

The reason for this is because sometimes these Roku hacks (mentioned earlier) use more bandwidth than the standard Roku channels. Examples of this include MB, Plex, KODI, and less popular IPTV channels that you may find on the web.

Roku Ultra hacks: Are there any shortcuts to jailbreaking or adding Kodi?

Roku Ultra hacks Are there any shortcuts to jailbreaking or adding Kodi

These Roku hacks require very little “hacking” knowledge.

It may sound difficult, but once you skim through this carefully you’ll see just about anyone can leverage the hacks on Roku explained in this post.

It’s important to note that numerous streaming devices intentionally limit third party app and side loading capabilities (this includes Kodi)… but, there is a work around by using certain Roku Hacks.

The devices that make both Kodi and jailbreaking easier to access are the Firestick TV (amazon) and Nvidia Shield TV Pro (the ultimate streaming device). 

  • As an alternative to hacking Roku: I personally have used both Firestick and Nvidia Shield (my favorite) in the past and they are still absolutely worth the investment as an inexpensive alternative to Jailbreaking or hacking Roku.

As explained below you’ll see that putting Kodi on Roku as well as many other Roku hacks will require a much unique effort compared to other devices.

Also see: FireStick Keeps Going to Screensaver While Watching TV and movies

Hacking the Roku 3, Roku 4 and Roku Ultra

It’s important to note that regardless of which year or model you have (even Roku 2)…there is a way to “jailbreak” (or get Kodi) on your device. You’ll learn that these ways to Jailbreak Roku include, but are not limited to screen mirroring Kodi on older devices. This is because there is no obvious way to sideload apps on Roku the way you would a Firestick.

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Can you Jailbreak a Roku TV?

Photo of how you can Jailbreak a Roku TV

Yes, you can Jailbreak a Roku TV, but not in the traditional manner. You must use a third party jailbreak method that requires an app (such as Kodi) and a unique screen sharing method.

This means that you will require a second device. We rate the difficult level of this route as medium/hard for those who are not technically adept.

Here is how you can Jailbreak a Roku TV:

  1. Open up the settings menu on your Roku TV.
  2. Navigate to Screen mirroring (beta), then toggle the checkmark to ‘enable screen mirroring’.step by step Install Kodi on Roku hacks
  3. Select between ‘prompt’ and always allow’. The always allow module is recommended for jailbreaking your Roku TV.
    step by step install kodu on roku 2
  4. Download Kodi on a mobile phone, laptop, or Tablet.
  5. Open up your settings on your device and navigate to display > wireless display> then select your Roku TV device.
  6. Tap ‘accept connection’ on your Roku TV.
  7. Launch Kodi on your secondary device (Phone, laptop, tablet)
  8. Congratulations, you will now have a Jailbroken Roku TV.

There is no coding required and this is considered an alternate way since the new Roku OS software has become significantly more secure over the past 5-10 years. You will not need to change or modify your device to make this work.

Jailbreak Roku: How to hack a Roku stick

Jailbreak Roku How to hack a Roku stick 1

As discussed earlier there are no sideloading methods for jailbreaking Roku, but rather several leveraged methods to get apps like Kodi on your Roku.

The personal streaming service methods serve as a preferred alternative to a “jailbroken Roku”. A personal streaming service (aka the ultimate Roku hack) requires a guide of its own since you’ll be using Plex as a Kodi alternative. 

Many consider the use of Plex a jailbroken Roku due to the many things you can do with it, such as adding your own library visiting that of a friends movie collection. However, this is not the same jail broken Terminology used in the past for devices such as the old iPhones and ipads.

Visit here for more info on how to use Plex to fully unlock your Roku device without the complicated set up of Kodi on Roku.

By now it should be clear why so many prefer a personal streaming service over Kodi. this is because Plex is easily obtainable via the official Roku Channel Store and it basically allows anyone to have their own “personal Netflix”.

Roku hack: How to watch Kodi on Roku

Here’s how to put Kodi on Roku via screen mirroring:

  1. Connect your Roku device to your TV. 
  2. Ensure screen mirroring is enabled on your Roku device by locating the system and selecting screen mirroring: “always on”.
  3. Download Kodi on a secondary device such as a computer or laptop
  4. Ensure both devices are on the exact same Wifi network.
  5. Cast your window’s display to your Roku by locating to the notifications button at the bottom right of your taskbar and selecting: “connect to a wireless display”. On newer models you can add a device via Bluetooth on windows.
  6. Your screen will now be mirrored and you can navigate and launch Kodi through your Windows computer or laptop.

For Mac users: putting Kodi on your Mac via casting or screen mirroring can be very complex since only experimental apps are available to allow this. These apps are commonly prone to crashing and did not provided a smooth experience for me.

For this reason, your options as Mac user will be to simply use bootcamp, parallels, HDMI cord or invest in a streaming device such as a FirestickNvidia Shield TV Pro.

If investing in extra software or devices is not possible for you than using a personal streaming service or a custom jailbroken IPTV service as mentioned earlier is your best bet.

You can not install Kodi on Roku without screen mirroring as Roku does not allow side-loading apps. 

How to put Kodi on Roku using an HDMI cord

Install Kodi on Roku using HDMI
Install Kodi on Roku using HDMI

Putting Kodi on Roku using an HDMI cord is certainly a straight forward, simple method to implement.

  • Download Kodi on your computer.
  • Connect an HDMI cord from your computer to your Roku.
  • Add Kodi as a device on your OS as prompted.
  • Navigate Kodi using your computer.
  • Enjoy!!

A word of advice: If you’re going to go to HDMI cord lengths in order tget Kodi on Roku you may as well either grab a Firestick or use a personal streaming service as mentioned earlier-It’s far less of a hassle. 

Roku Hack: How to get custom IPTV on Roku

Example of Roku TV hacks 4 IPTV jailbreak

Grabbing a custom IPTV service on Roku has its benefits and capabilities similar to a Jailbroken Kodi device such as thousands of channels and Kodi type movies at an inexpensive price. This method typically requires some sort of small fee… however, it is certainly well worth the investment considering the full package of movies, TV shows, and channels you’ll receive. 

You can find your own custom IPTV service or use our advice found here and connect to an IPTV app such as “Smarters IPTV” on Roku.

Here’s how to get a custom IPTV on Roku:

  • Go to the Roku channel store and search for  “IPTV player” or “Smarters IPTV”
  • Select the IPTV player app for download.
  • Connect your custom IPTV to the app as per your IPTV server guidelines.

Roku hacks such as custom IPTV are super impressive since the IPTV player serves as a portal to jailbroken content; gaining access to Kodi type media without going through the hassle of screen mirroring Kodi from a third-party device to your Roku.

In other words, a custom IPTV service has the capabilities to give you the same experience as Kodi on Roku (and much more) without the hassle.

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Hacks for Roku: Emulators and roms for console games

Roku Hacks further explored in depth gallery

What would hacking a device such as Roku be without including emulators and ROMs on your device? 

This is extremely convenient, especially compared to connecting big, clunky old consoles to your TV. I have friends that habitually use their Roku for playing classic games… everything from NES to Gamecube or Ps2. This is a very fun Roku hack.

The thing is… to put emulators and ROMs on Roku you’ll need a secondary device such as a computer (or any system that can run an emulator and has Miracast or HDMI connectivity)

You’ll have to be okay with using a computer or device to cast or connect an HDMI to. You’ll be using roughly the same style Roku hack as previously outlined.

Here’s how to get Emulators and Roms on 

  • First, install an emulator with ROMs on your computer. 
  • Next, connect your Roku via casting or HDMI cord: on windows you can click to of the notification bar to see casting options to your Roku.
  • Be sure Roku has screen mirroring options enabled under settings
  • Finally, play Emulators and ROMs on Roku.

You may optionally use a third party controller connected to your pc compared to the default mouse and keyboard to play your favorite classic games.

Best Jailbreak Roku alternative for classic games:

If you’re really interested in emulators and roms and don’t want to go the route of running a secondary device (as many Roku Hacks require, unfortunately), you can simply grab an Nvidia Shield Tv Pro. No jailbreaking required for this.

The shield truly is the ultimate upgrade as you can run emulators and ROMs directly from the Nvidia shield as well as using the game controller that comes with it. (it’s actually amazing). 

The Nvidia Shield will beat a PS4 or Xbox any day of the week as you’ll be able to smoothly run both KODI and emulators without worrying about errors, obstacles, or using secondary devices.

Additional Roku stick hacks: Roku secret codes and tricks

Did you know there are many super useful, additional hacks for Roku that many overlook? The best part is all of the mini hacks listed below don’t require jailbreaking the Roku, but can improve the Roku jailbreak experience greatly.

These additions greatly improved my Roku stick hacks and overall experience by a tenfold.

There are even Roku secret codes you can use to unlock hidden channels for streaming movies.

Here is a list of all the best mini hacks available for the Roku outside of unlocking streaming and jailbreaking:

  • Change the appearance of your Roku home screen theme: This little known, mini Roku hack will allow you to change the look of your home screen to something more festive (Halloween, winter, different landscapes, etc) You can do this by locating the settings option on your home screen, then select “change theme” to view all your options. This is both investment free and jailbreak free.Cool Roku theme hack
  • Easily find a lost Roku remoteRoku 4 or Roku Ultra users can use this hack to locate your Roku by pushing the finder button on your player. You’ll hear a sound coming out of your Roku remote (wherever it is).
    • This only works if you’re remote has working batteries and is in range of your WiFi Network.
  • Automatic volume leveling Roku hack: I use this setting for when I’m falling asleep. This will make all those extremely loud, unexpected noises that startle you more balanced to listen to. To do this, use the “star” button on your remote to locate to advance sound settings to find this little known hack.
    • This is especially useful for jailbroken Roku’s where the movies and shows have an audio format that can make crashes and bangs in a movie or show feel unenjoyable.
    • It might not seem like a big deal right now, but changing this setting right now will pay off huge in the long run- even if you aren’t hacking or jailbreaking a Roku! 

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Roku Secret Codes

These secret Roku codes will enable everything from increased WiFi signal strength, all the way to unlocking “developer mode” for Roku private channels. In fact, you can access certain channels you might not be able to access anywhere else by utilize these Roku Hacks.

To learn how to get the best hidden and secret channels on Roku you can follow our guide on how to access the best Roku private channels (hidden).

Secret codes to unlock the Roku Wifi menu for increased signal strength:

To do this, hit the home button five times and then hit the up arrow, then down arrow twice in a row. At this point, you’ll see a signal strength appear in your Wifi menu of your Roku. Now you can see where to move you’re router or position of your Roku for the best Wifi signal. Of course, resetting your router typically does the trick.

  • This is another Roku hack that doesn’t require jailbreaking but can benefit it since apps like Kodi require a strong internet connection.


The Roku hacks that we’ve covered in this post have instructed you how to Jailbreak Roku as well as how to install Kodi on Roku. Additionally, this post further proves that there is more to Roku TV hacks than meets the eye.

Whether you’re using Roku 3, Roku 4, or Roku Ultra the Roku stick hacks: the only working method for installing Kodi on Roku is by unlocking Roku by jailbreaking, screen mirroring, casting, or using HDMI via the various methods we’ve covered.

To get Kodi on Roku without screen mirroring you’ll need to update your Roku consistently while waiting for the developers to have a change of heart and allow side loading. Most will use a Firestick or screen mirroring in the meantime. You will no longer be searching for how to get Kodi on your Roku (natively) as the information available today clearly outlines that the Roku hacks available for Kodi are all ones that require screen mirroring.

Even though the jailbreak methods are completed via workarounds (and not by sideloading) you can still successfully jailbreak the Kodi depending on your needs, wants, and desires.

Be sure to skim all the methods available regarding this hack on our article on how to get any movie or tv show in 10 minutes or less (works with Roku)

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