3 Months IPTV Subscription for 3 Connections

If you’re interested in of flexible way to watch TV, then IPTVDIGI might be perfect for you. IPTVDIGI services provide you with a way to watch TV channels using your internet connection.

+21000 Live TV channels from all countries
+20000 Movies and Series
All Sports IPTV Channels from all countries
All countries channels available

+Adult channels (Optional)
+TV Guide IPTV (EPG)
+4k / FHD / HD / SD Quality



3 Months IPTV Subscription for 3 Connections


Section 1: Unlimited Entertainment for the Whole Family
Unlock a world of entertainment with a 3 months IPTV subscription for 3 connections. Delight in your favorite TV shows, movies, sports events, and more, right from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re seeking thrills, laughter, or relaxation, this subscription ensures that everyone in your family can find something they love. Say goodbye to boring evenings and hello to endless entertainment possibilities.

Section 2: Seamless Multi-Device Streaming
With this IPTV subscription, you and your loved ones can enjoy premium content simultaneously on up to three devices. Whether you prefer watching your favorite shows on your widescreen TV, your tablet, or your smartphone, this subscription allows you to stream your preferred content across multiple platforms. Share the excitement with your family and friends, even if you’re physically apart. No more worrying about missing out on your favorite shows or movies – enjoy them whenever and wherever you want.

Section 3: Endless Content Variety at Your Fingertips
When it comes to content variety, this IPTV subscription has got you covered. Explore a vast library of TV channels, on-demand movies, and series from around the world. From popular mainstream channels to specialized networks, there’s something for every taste and interest. Dive into thought-provoking documentaries, catch up on the latest TV show releases, or indulge in blockbuster movies – the choices are nearly limitless.






== High quality iptv subscription ==


Channels available : ALL COUNTRIES


A playlist of +21000 channels and videos on demand full HD & SD | high quality server


  • High Quality Premium Server – Load Balancing – Very Wide Bandwidth.
  • +21000 Channels in Full HD and HD
  • +20000 series Vods and recent movies (updated regularly)
  • After sales service & support in case of problems (Email or Whatsapp)

Compatible with :

  • Smart IPTV Samsung, LG , thomson, Sony, Android TV..
  • Mag 250,254,256,322,323,352,353,410 …etc
  • PC/MAC
  • Smartphone/Tablet (Android , iOS)
  • Box Android TV ..
  •  Box Enigma2 (Vu+, Dreambox, Zgemma, ..)
  • Samsat, Starsat, GigaBlue, Geant, Tiger, Revolution, Vision, Echolink (V1, V3, V4, V5, V9, V9 Pro, Femto, Tornado)
  • All m3u file readers

-SMART TV Samsung, LG, Sony .. : Activation via application  Smart IPTV :

IMPORTANT for application Smart IPTV : before ordering you must activate your Smart IPTV app Or download iptvsmarters pro for FREE


We Prefer To Download IPTVSMARTERS PRO

But if you want Smart IPTV Please Follow these Instructions

If you do not already have the application SMART IPTV installed on your Smart TV, install it from the Play Store here cette application vous offre 7 days free trial, after the trial period expires, you must activate it at 5€49 sure the official website of the application .

On some Android Box, it is possible to encounter a problem of incompatibility of the application Smart iptv on Google Play, to solve this problem, you need to install the application manually, go to this page and Download the file APK and install it manually on your Android BOX.

To find the MAC address of your Smart TV just access the application on your Samsung Smart TV or LG or any Smart TV or Android Box with an Android system, on the main screen of the application you will see your MAC address as in the photo below:

1 month iptv subscription

-Subscription iptv MAG 250-252-253-255-256-322-323-352-353-…etc

For activation of your iptv subscription on your MAG box,you must send us with your order the MAC address found on the label behind the box, the activation is done entirely remotely, just after activation, we will send you a URL link that you must put it on your PORTAL, as in the picture below:

1 month iptv subscription

-Box Android TV, Smartphone (iOS, Android) :

1- ipTV Smarters available on :

  • Google Play Store and compatible with: Box Android, Smartphones, tablets, Android TV ..
  • App Store for iOs ( iPhone, iPad..)

This application is accessible with a username + password and server URL.


-M3u file : VLC – Kodi – Perfect Player iptv …etc

For this type of applications available on PC/Mac, Smartphones/tablets, ipad, iphone ..etc NO NEED TO PROVIDE YOUR MAC ADDRESS , we will send you a m3u file link to add to your favorite app (if you are a beginner we will assist you by Email or Whatsapp)

-SS IPTV : Activation for Smart IPTV :

If you prefer to use the iptv SS app available on several Smart TVs like: Sony, LG, Smasung .. etc, just send us the code to put the link directly into your application, see the picture below:

1 month iptv subscription

Our iptvdigi subscription is compatible with :

  • All devices Android (Smartphone, Tablette, box etc…)
  • iPhone, ipad, APPLE TV..
  • Smart TV Samsung, LG, Sony and all Smart TV under Android.
  • Mag 250 – Mag245 – Mag254 – Mag255 – Mag256 – Mag257 – Mag270 – Mag275 – Mag350 – Mag352
  • KODI (former XBMC) sur PC, Android box, iOS
  • PC (VLC ,kodi, Perfect Player iptv …)
  • Box Enigma2 (Vu+, Dreambox, Zgemma, ..)
  • Samsat, Starsat, GigaBlue, Geant, Tiger, Revolution, Vision, Echolink (V1, V3, V4, V5, V9, V9 Pro, Femto, Tornado)

NB: Any manipulation if technical knowledge will be necessary on your part, if you have a Smart TV Samsung or LG, sony or, MAG250,254 .., Android Box or Smartphone / Tablet, just fill out the order form and enter the type of your device or the application used, once your order is received we will activate the iptv subscription chosen for you within 2 hours maximum.

FAQ for 3 Months IPTV Subscription for 3 Connections:

1. What is an IPTV subscription?
An IPTV subscription allows you to stream TV channels, movies, and other media content over the internet, providing a convenient and flexible way to access entertainment.

2. How does the 3 months IPTV subscription work?
Upon purchasing the 3 months subscription, you will receive access to a wide range of TV channels, movies, and series for a period of three months. This subscription allows you to stream content on up to three devices simultaneously, delivering entertainment for the whole family.

3. Can I use the IPTV subscription on multiple devices?
Yes, absolutely! With this subscription, you can enjoy streaming content on up to three devices at the same time. Whether it’s your TV, tablet, smartphone, or any other compatible device, you can access your favorite shows and movies across multiple platforms.

4. What kind of content is available with IPTV?
With IPTV, you can gain access to a vast variety of content. From popular TV channels, including sports, news, and entertainment, to on-demand movies and series, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Explore different genres, language preferences, and international networks to find what captivates you the most.

5. Is the streaming experience seamless and uninterrupted?
Efficient streaming is a priority. However, please note that your streaming quality may be affected by factors such as your internet connection speed and device capabilities. Ensure you have a stable internet connection and compatible devices to enjoy the best possible viewing experience.

6. Can I watch content from other countries with an IPTV subscription?
Absolutely! IPTV allows you to access content from various regions across the globe, providing you with an international TV experience. Explore different cultures, languages, and genres, and broaden your entertainment horizons.

7. What makes this 3 months IPTV subscription a great choice?
This subscription offers multiple benefits, including the ability to simultaneously stream on up to three devices, a vast library of content to choose from, and the convenience of accessing entertainment from anywhere. You and your loved ones can enjoy limitless entertainment, ensuring that there’s always something for everyone.

8. Can I renew my subscription after the three months are over?
Yes, you can renew your subscription at the end of the three-month period. To continue accessing the wide range of content available, simply choose to extend your subscription and keep the entertainment going.


Remember, if you still have any questions or concerns regarding the IPTV subscription, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We’re here to assist you and provide the best possible entertainment experience.


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22 reviews for 3 Months IPTV Subscription for 3 Connections

  1. Marvin Shea

    Streaming on multiple devices simultaneously works flawlessly

  2. Gale Mcmillan

    I appreciate the efforts to maintain a reliable service

  3. Gloria Navarro

    Reasonable pricing for the quality and quantity of channels offered.

  4. Daphne Brooks

    Impressed by the number of international channels available

  5. Maribel Rich

    No buffering issues – streaming is smooth even during peak times

  6. Terri Stafford

    The setup process was straightforward and quick

  7. Traci Schroeder

    Fantastic selection of sports channels

  8. Joanne Brock

    It’s like having a cable subscription without the high costs

  9. Lynn Delgado

    IPTV that exceeds expectations – highly recommend

  10. Vaughn Mckenzie

    The on-demand content library is a great bonus

  11. Luella Nunez

    Pleasantly surprised by the consistent high-speed streaming

  12. Roseann Oneill

    Been recommending it to friends, and they’re all happy with it too thanks bro

  13. kevin

    IPTV perfection – haven’t experienced any issues so far

  14. Rosario Rios

    Responsive customer service that genuinely cares about user experience

  15. Guadalupe Huff

    Rare to find an IPTV service with such reliable 24/7 support.

  16. Holly Singh

    Channels load quickly – no frustrating delays

  17. Joan Pitts

    Hassle-free renewals – no surprises or hidden fees

  18. Tuan Rosario

    The quality of service justifies every penny spent

  19. Lana Holloway

    IPTV that’s constantly evolving and improving

  20. Robyn Murray

    The premium channels are a great addition – worth the upgrade

  21. Tom Johns

    No need to worry about regional blackouts – always reliable

  22. Doug Vazquez

    The variety of movie channels ensures there’s always something to watch

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