1 How to Install IPTV on Roku Devices

Install IPTV on Roku Devices

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Install IPTV on Roku Devices

Roku Devices

Here is how you can install IPTV on a Roku Device:

Step 1: Connect the Roku device to the TV.

Step 2: Go to the Roku channel store and search for M3U Playlist Player. If you have not downloaded the M3U Playlist Launcher, download it from Roku Store.

Install IPTV on Roku Devices

Step 3: Press Go to Channels in the M3U Playlist Launcher.
Step 4: Click on the new playlist option.

Step 5: Enter the M3U URL and the name of the playlist you got from the IPTV provider and click Save.

Step 6: Wait a while for IPTV channels to load on your Roku device.

Step 7: Restart the Roku device and open the IPTV app.

Step 8: Select the playlist you previously added. All shared IPTV channels will appear on the screen. Enjoy broadcasting your favorite live TV channels.

Install IPTV on Roku Devices

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